About the Province

In the Province of West Yorkshire, we have twenty-four Preceptories with some 460 members, called Brother Knights, who operate under the direction of the Provincial Prior. We pride ourselves on our friendly and open approach to meetings, and it is often commented amongst members that this is their preferred Order.

The Province of West Yorkshire far exceeds the boundaries of that administrative region, reaching from the town of Skipton and the Pennine Hills in the West to Pontefract and the Doncaster in the East, from the spa town of Harrogate in the North to Barnsley and Swinton in the South, and to Todmorden in the South-West.   Encouragement to visit other Preceptories is a fundamental trait of our Order.

Whilst the Province wasformed in 1860some of our Preceptories are the oldest in the Order.  The Plains of Rama Preceptory, No. 3, in Keighley was warranted in 1792 and the warrant of Hope Preceptory, No. 4, in Huddersfield dates from 1793. It is no wonder then that such Preceptories quite rightly take great pride in their history.

Details of the location of Preceptories within the Province can be found under the Preceptories section (link to Preceptories page).